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Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated volunteers who want to create equal opportunities and an inclusive society for people with multiple disabilities in Andhra Pradesh. We are determined to provide support services and to create a difference in the lives of Students with multiple disabilities. Our volunteers are educators, leaders, and innovators; each of whom have vast range of experience in helping students with multiple disabilities. We have been helping students in various ways on a smaller scale for almost a decade using our expertise, knowledge, personal funds, and help from other friends. Our mutual passion for helping students with disabilities led us to build the Samanvai Center for Children with Multiple disabilities in January 2011. Samanvai, a registered society under the 2001 Societies Act, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. Samanvai Center is located in Hyderabad, India. Please refer to the Contact Us section for address and directions.


  • Computer Training Center for Visually Challenged

    The computer training center is a project started by Samanvai to provide computer education to visually challenged students, mainly after tenth grade.

  • Rehabilitation Services

    We have ten areas of concentration in our rehabilitation program.

  • Tutorial services for school and college students

    In our tutorials program, we aim to arrange tutoring sessions for students who have problems understanding difficult concepts, diagrammatic and visual concepts, mathematical and Braille concepts in their respective schools and colleges. We arrange tutoring sessions on one on one basis if necessary. Explore our services and the type of subjects we cover in this section.

  • Digital library

    Samanvai strongly wants to provide equal opportunities in education irrespective of student’s disability. In the Digital Library program, we provide audio and electronic text study materials and tactile diagrams for students. Material is recorded on cassettes, DVDs and on flash recorders by our volunteers. Students can request audio books for free from our office. Please explore this section for more details regarding type of books we provide and how to obtain materials.

  • Braille library

    Samanvai’s vision is that no student should suffer in receiving accessible and unconditional education on the basis of disability or financial limitations. The mission of this Braille library is to generate and distribute Braille materials to blind schools and blind students studying in sighted schools or colleges. Please explore this section for more information about the type of material we have and what you can request. You can get all of the details regarding the Braille library, how to request books, and our contact information here.

  • Samanvai financial services

    Samanvai wants students to get a good education irrespective of their financial status, so we provide financial assistance to students who require it. We have number of scholarships based on merit and need. We analyze student financial needs and help accordingly. Please explore this section to know more about our services, the type of scholarships available for students and methods of requesting financial help.

  • Employment search program for differently abled people

    In this section you can learn about our employment search program in which we match differently abled people with employers and provide a variety of services to assist both parties in transitioning to the job.

  • Mobility training

    One of our major goals is to help students with disabilities live independently. We provide mobility training to students who can’t walk on their own because of their disability or lack of confidence. Using canes and new technology, we teach students how to increase their mobility. We also teach students to avoid accidents while walking on roads alone using adaptive methods. This section contains more details about the training and how to apply.

  • Mentoring and counseling services

    Samanvai believes that mentoring increases the possibilities of success. Samanvai strongly wants to provide mentors for every student. Mentors are the best resource for knowledge about education and employment. This program provides formal and informal interactions between students and volunteer mentors. We arrange information sessions regarding college applications and offer advice for choosing fields of study and employers. Please explore the program to know more about our services and how to apply.

  • Extracurricular activities

    Samanvai believes in holistic development and recognizes that extracurricular activities are very important for success. We encourage students who are interested in sports, music and in other activities. There are many opportunities for students to become involved in extracurricular activities. Please refer this section for more details on the type of activities Samanvai provides and how to get involved.

Samanvai’s achievements

We would like to document our achievements in this section, not as a means of marketing, but rather to inspire other people with disabilities and organizations which work in the field of disability. There is currently in India a huge scarcity of support services and appropriate help present for people with multiple disabilities in spite of the many organizations working for this cause. We would like to show how much an organization can do even under financial and resource constraints. Samanvai is a group of dedicated special educators, people from the disabled community, and visionary leaders. This means that we know how to provide need based and goal oriented support services to people with multiple disabilities and have the ability to implement it. Ever since our inception in January 2011, we have been working very hard, and were able to achieve success in shaping the lives of many disabled students in education, vocational rehabilitation, financial resources, counseling, mentoring, and in extracurricular activities. We will never compromise our efforts and the quality of our services to create an inclusive India. However, we are currently barely able to scratch the surface. We can do much more with the financial or material support from donors. Please read this section to know more about our achievements.

Volunteer Opportunities at Samanvai

For over a decade, a group of volunteers have worked to assist the visually impaired. Samanvai was born when these volunteers realized that they could be more successful in helping those with multiple disabilities in a more organized form. We believe that volunteers can make a difference in the lives of differently disabled children and young people. We have a number of opportunities for volunteers who are interested in supporting our vision by contributing time, money, or encouragement to students.


Samanvai is empowered by the vision to change the world for disabled people by creating equal opportunities and societal status. An important part of this vision, however, is having the resources to make these dreams come true. To fulfill our goals at Samanvai, we need financial support from donors. Interested donors can contribute monetary or material donations (which includes technology, software and other infrastructure). All checks can be made payable to Samanvai Society. Please visit our contact page for our mailing address and directions.


We are desperately in need of volunteers at the Samanvai Center to write and supervise exams, record audio materials for classes, and to provide support in teaching Braille math, physics, chemistry, social studies, accounting, and other subjects in the tutorials program. We also need support during field trips and on other such occasions.


Our students need exposure to activities that help them gain confidence. Typically, most of the students lack proper exposure to the outside world due to their isolation and lack of education. Many of these students have not participated in sports and other activities. Samanvai aims to provide for an inclusive education, career, and extracurricular opportunities for students with multiple disabilities. We strongly encourage people to talk to students on both a formal and or informal basis. These volunteers can teach the students about the many opportunities available to them and ultimately boost their confidence. We need support from volunteers to make our vision come true. Interested volunteers can register with us to receive notification about when there is an opportunity to get involved. We try to match your interests with available opportunities and needs. Please fill out this short online enrollment form to tell us about your past or present volunteer activities and your interests in the field of disability. We use this application to assess how best we can incorporate you into our work. We understand that many people lack email and Internet access, so we provide printed applications in our office. Please see our contact pagefor a map and directions. Volunteers can come to the Samanvai office, where we will be glad to assist you with filling out the form. We will add your information to our volunteers email list and phone book. We only email or call registered volunteers when there is an event, new project inauguration, or any function in Samanvai. Please read our privacy policy for more details on how we protect your information. You may also contact us to learn how to support the students. All questions and emails should be directed to We wish you good luck in volunteering!

Support Us

Samanvai has a strong vision and mission to change the world and create a better future for people with disabilities by providing support services, equal opportunities and inclusive status in society. We have high ambitions to help people with disabilities, but we do need support from donors and well wishers to fulfill our dreams. To provide support services to more children and create a difference, we need financial and voluntary resources. Samanvai requests for financial support from donors so that we can fulfill our goals. We greatly appreciate monetary and or material support from interested donors. Donors can contribute to Samanvai using the bank account specified below or call us to find other ways to donate.

Samanvai society
HDFC Bank Jubilee hills branch
A/c No 03171450000179
IFSC code HDFC 0000317
Thank you so much for your help with and interest in Samanvai!